2018 May
Focus on... Design

Design The Value of Redecorating
2018 May The Value of Redecorating

There are plenty of reasons why a condominium, co-op or homeowners’ association might see fit to spruce up its common areas. Dated décor, seasonal inspiration, excess cash on-hand, or just sheer boredom with the current look all come to min…

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Design Residential Architecture Trends
2018 May Residential Architecture Trends

Through the ages, architecture and design have been symbols of evolution and change within societies. From the grandeur of the ancient world, to the Baroque and Romanesque masterpieces of the late Renaissance, and to the towering fancies of…

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Board Operations Encouraging Board Participation
2018 May Encouraging Board Participation

With so many people leading busy, sometimes hectic, lives that revolve around work, kids, social functions, and other obligations, it’s often very difficult for HOA administrators to find residents willing and able to serve their community …

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Board Operations Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
2018 May Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Successful association or cooperative living requires buy-in from all parties involved, from management to staff to board to residents. Should one of these groups put their own self-interests above the common good, the wheels can come off q…

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Finance Dealing With Arrearages
2018 May Dealing With Arrearages

One of the most difficult issues for board members and residents of co-ops, condominiums, and HOAs is that of arrears. The problem poses practical, procedural and ethical issues, and can ultimately lead to neglected maintenance, delayed pro…

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Management Managing Parking Facilities
2018 May Managing Parking Facilities

In any large city, and even in many sprawling suburban areas, parking is a big deal—it’s often hard to find, and when you do find a spot, it can be very expensive. Parking spaces not only provide urban and suburban drivers with freedom and …

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Q&A Q&A: Can We Force an Audit?
2018 May Q&A: Can We Force an Audit?

Q. My condo bylaws state that an annual audit must be performed, but our board won’t do them, leading us to suspect something may be amiss. What can we do?                                —Suspicious Owner A. “The ‘Condominium Statute,…

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Q&A Q&A: Election Battles
2018 May Q&A: Election Battles

Q. The last presidential contest may have rocked the nation, but it seemed tame compared to some of the elections we’ve had at our association. It seems every election is contentious, and sometimes they get downright nasty. Opposing “camp…

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