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Law & Legislation Coronavirus & COVID-19
Coronavirus & COVID-19

As cases of the new coronavirus increase here in the US, the crisis has led to a number of questions from condominium boards to the effect of:  What should we do to protect the condominium and its members? What is our responsibility for the…

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Law & Legislation Condominium  Owner Evictions
2020 February Condominium Owner Evictions

If a rental tenant defaults, persists in violating rules, or breaks the law, they can be evicted from their unit. It can certainly be a drawn-out, acrimonious process, but it’s more or less routine. While much more rare – and more complicat…

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Law & Legislation Board Misconduct
2019 June Board Misconduct

Everyone – including the boards and managers of community associations – inevitably makes mistakes, or is guilty of using poor judgment. And while it’s very unlikely that every member of a community will commit outright illegal acts, it’s a…

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Law & Legislation Governing By the Book
2019 June Governing By the Book

Most newly-elected condo or co-op board members aren’t experts in running a multifamily building or development. They may be eager, enthusiastic, and committed to serving their community. But they also probably have little idea of how to do…

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Law & Legislation Legal & Legislative Update 2019
2019 June Legal & Legislative Update 2019

Laws, and the legal decisions that support and enforce them, are constantly evolving and can affect every facet of community life in HOAs, condominiums and co-ops. While law and legal cases can emanate from any of our three levels of govern…

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Law & Legislation Advocating for Residents
2018 June Advocating for Residents

Successfully running a condominium, cooperative, or homeowners’ association is no small task. A board and/or management must consider the interests of its residents when making sweeping decisions to benefit the property and those who call i…

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Law & Legislation Alternative Dispute Resolution
2018 June Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lawsuits are both expensive and time consuming. It might be said that the only real winners in a civil suit are the lawyers. They get paid by the hour, and often in  cases of negligence, they receive a substantial portion of the award or se…

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Law & Legislation Responding to a Lawsuit
2018 June Responding to a Lawsuit

In today’s litigious society, lawsuits are an unpleasant fact of life. Everyone has a gripe – and that gripe can often result in legal action. The questions are, how is your cooperative corporation, condominium association or HOA protected,…

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Law & Legislation Legislative Update
2018 June Legislative Update

Whether it’s pending Airbnb legislation in various markets; homeowners winning the ability to sue condominium developers for faulty practices; or changes to how boards and managers can transmit meeting minutes to residents, condos and HOAs …

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Law & Legislation The State of Smoking
2017 June The State of Smoking

While the exhortation to “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” has never really gone out of style, one should take caution before lighting up just anywhere. Many places, from restaurants to airplanes to hospitals, expressly and strictly forbid anyone …

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