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Law & Legislation That Can’t Happen Here!
2015 April That Can’t Happen Here!

You think it can’t happen in your community but it does. And, all too often, I’m afraid. -A Chicago woman, beaten and robbed near the entry to her condominium building, files a negligence suit against the association in January 2015,…

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Law & Legislation Neighborly Neglect
2015 March Neighborly Neglect

People have a right to their privacy, and to be able to enjoy their own homes. Which means others don’t have a right to infringe upon that enjoyment, unless it’s unavoidable (such as in the case of a street renovation project). If only the…

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Law & Legislation Transfer of Power
2015 January Transfer of Power

The condominium structure has been built, the infrastructure and amenities are in order, and unit owners are starting to buy – it’s transition time. And while it may seem inevitable that control of a condominium will somehow shift from a d…

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Law & Legislation Dishes & Towers
2014 October Dishes & Towers

With the advent of relatively cheap and accessible television source options such as Verizon’s FiOS TV, Cablevision’s Optimum and Comcast’s Xfinity, it might surprise some to hear that the seemingly antiquated satellite dish is still a mai…

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Law & Legislation The Art of Picking Professionals
2014 June The Art of Picking Professionals

Running the day-to-day business of a condo development or an HOA of any size—be it a sprawling, multi-building community, or a single self-contained building—requires not just a functional board but a team of competent outside professional…

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Law & Legislation Legal Files
2014 June Legal Files

Sometimes it’s a shady developer or a crooked contractor. Sometimes it’s the unit owner you just can’t get rid of. There are times when it’s actually nobody’s fault and just the Byzantine nature of some state or federal laws, but the lawsu…

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Law & Legislation Vetting Contracts Before You Sign
2014 June Vetting Contracts Before You Sign

Condominium associations should seek professional help before signing on the dotted line of an unfamiliar contract. Signing too quickly may result in big regrets, say managers and attorneys. Be cautious, and nail down the specifics first. …

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Law & Legislation Avoiding Legal Blunders
2014 June Avoiding Legal Blunders

You’ve just been elected to your condo board of trustees. On the one hand, you’re honored. A few neighbors have offered a congratulatory handshake, and now you’re in the mood to pop the bubbly. On the other, there’s a sense of hesitation. …

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