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Law & Legislation Six Big Things Attorneys Wish Boards Knew
2016 June Six Big Things Attorneys Wish Boards Knew

Whether you serve on the board of a co-op, condo or HOA, chances are you and your fellow community administrators are volunteers. Perhaps you’re fortunate enough that you or one of your colleagues has professional legal expertise to bring t…

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Law & Legislation Legislative Roundup
2016 June Legislative Roundup

The legislative season is upon us, and in many states, bills specifically dealing with condos, co-ops and HOAs are wending their way through the legislative process. Even when bills aren’t aimed directly at those forms of home ownership, ma…

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Law & Legislation The Rise of Airbnb
2016 May The Rise of Airbnb

Instances of home-sharing have skyrocketed recently due to the rise of websites such as  For a small fee, these websites connect homeowners with people who want to find a place to stay for one night at a time. Homeowners rent th…

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Law & Legislation Going Overboard
2015 July Going Overboard

Condos and homeowner associations have made headlines over the years for passing all kinds of overreaching and downright silly rules and regulations—everything from forbidding the flying of the American flag to having prohibitions about ha…

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Law & Legislation Medical Marijuana and the Law
2015 June Medical Marijuana and the Law

It’s well known that Massachusetts legalized the medical use of marijuana several years ago, but what exactly the move means for landlords and condominium associations remains largely an open question. In this column, I provide a brief sum…

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Law & Legislation Avoiding Litigation
2015 June Avoiding Litigation

With dozens—sometimes hundreds—of people living in a community governed by neighbors, acquaintances and friends, it should be no surprise that disputes occasionally arise in condo buildings. The possibility of disagreements among residents…

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Law & Legislation The Condo as a Legal Entity
2015 June The Condo as a Legal Entity

Despite a long history and presence in cities and towns around the globe, condominiums are, too often, misunderstood by prospective buyers—which can translate to a source of conflict after buyers become owners. Regardless of its location a…

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Law & Legislation Legislative Round-Up
2015 June Legislative Round-Up

It’s an annual rite, as predictable as winter storm warnings and spring apple blossom festivals. Legislators in state houses throughout New England begin slogging through piles of bills filed by politicians and requested by constituents th…

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