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Management Changing Managers or Firms?
2014 January Changing Managers or Firms?

Whether change is good or bad often depends on who you talk to, and even a desired change produces a certain level of stress and adjustment. Personal changes are challenging enough, but for condo and co-op residents, a board’s decision to …

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Management SuperMen & SuperWomen!
2013 November SuperMen & SuperWomen!

The life of a super is different every day, but it usually goes something like this: arrive at work each morning; check in with security for any possible situations that have come up during the night; review any outstanding work orders and…

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Management Rules on Records
2013 October Rules on Records

It’s no secret that helping to run a board of directors or board of trustees for a condo association is a thankless task. There are a lot of issues to take care of, and board members are strictly volunteers. While there might be some unoff…

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Management Crowd Control
2013 July Crowd Control

 Sometimes condominium units become “home” to people who really don’t belong there. With the proliferation of “over-55” communities in recent years, aging baby boomers and an economy marked by  unemployment and foreclosures, there may be r…

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Management Staff Management 101
2013 June Staff Management 101

 Management of any property requires a varying degree of resources and skills.  Materials, capital, and personnel are required for everything from ordering  supplies to the complete overseeing of a multi-unit, high rise condominium.  Above…

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Management That's Criminal!
2013 May That's Criminal!

 Serving on a condo board has its challenges—mostly of a relatively mundane, everyday sort, like how to pay for new carpet in  the clubhouse, or what kind of flowers to put in the new beds out front.  Occasionally however, a much more sens…

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Management Dealing with Commerical Tenants
2013 April Dealing with Commerical Tenants

 Stores and other commercial businesses on the ground floor of an apartment  building are a tradition in big cities. By contrast, when one looks at the  typical suburban condo development, one must go to another location to shop—maybe to t…

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Management What a Waste!
2013 April What a Waste!

 In the 1960s, people would laugh at the notion that someone could make money by  going to people’s houses and asking to mow their lawn. This was something that everyone did  themselves and the thought of paying someone else to do it seeme…

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Management Opening the Door
2013 January Opening the Door

 It’s Murphy’s Law that when a homeowner is on vacation or away for the day, the unexpected  happens. A pipe bursts and water starts dripping through the ceiling of the  unit below. It’s essential that the management firm gets into the uni…

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Management Striving to be the Best
2013 January Striving to be the Best

 As the economy continues its slow recovery from the struggles of the recession,  companies are faced with the all-important task of reexamining services and  respective best practices. One reason for this exercise is the fierce  competiti…

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