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Management Improving Meeting Effectiveness
2016 January Improving Meeting Effectiveness

Maybe it was a bad day at work, the dog had an accident on the carpet or a disgruntled call was received from the school principal; whatever the reason, there are times when the last thing a condo board member, trustees or resident wants to…

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Management New Technology for Boards and Managers
2016 January New Technology for Boards and Managers

Most of us wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if we didn't have a smartphone or tablet to help us communicate, navigate, and otherwise organize our lives. Property managers throughout the country—whether they handle urban high-rises, s…

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Management What Size Management Company?
2016 January What Size Management Company?

We live in a world of add-ons. Ever since the term supersize was coined by the fast food industry back in 1994, the idea and its implications have spread to many aspects of the American lifestyle. We've become accustomed to ‘value added ele…

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Management Doing a Super Job
2015 October Doing a Super Job

Whether we rent, own a single family home, or have purchased a condominium, the nagging question is always, “Who’s going to take care of this mess, problem or situation?” For condominium unit owners, the answer to that question varies. …

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Management Liquid Assets
2015 June Liquid Assets

Some lucky condos offer the benefits of an indoor or outdoor swimming pool for their residents; it’s a splashy amenity that many people request when looking for a home…but there are many drawbacks, issues, and liabilities that come with ma…

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Management Homesharing in Co-ops, Condos and HOAs
2015 April Homesharing in Co-ops, Condos and HOAs

The media and political buzz surrounding so-called 'homeshare' or 'short-term rental' websites (primarily Airbnb, but also other similar services like and, just to name two) has been on the upswing over the last year …

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Management Tales from the Dark Side
2015 April Tales from the Dark Side

While budget balancing or planning capital improvements may seem to be the most important skills within property management firms, managers will tell you their main focus is on human relations. David J. Levy, president of Sterling Se…

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Management Looking Ahead
2015 January Looking Ahead

It’s been said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. As the calendar turns to 2015, that message fits neatly into the condominium picture. There’s no doubt that new technologies, new laws and new philosophies on many as…

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Management Having the Proper Skill Set
2015 January Having the Proper Skill Set

Property managers are known for wearing many hats, and are expected to be expert in some very diverse topics. Few of them, however, train for and begin their careers as property managers; most came into the industry from other fields. Mana…

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Management Mastering Your Management Partnership
2015 January Mastering Your Management Partnership

Management companies that work with community associations typically begin their working relationship by negotiating a contract. The parties involved do their best to carefully craft an agreement and the terms of service that will cover ev…

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