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Management Hiring Good Help
2012 June Hiring Good Help

 Think about this: Nearly two million American workers report having been victims  of workplace violence each year and, in the United States, fraud committed by  employees costs companies approximately $20 billion annually. Workplace theft…

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Management Calling the Shots
2012 May Calling the Shots

 Every property manager and association board has to deal with employees. Whether the staff is a handful of part-time workers or a more extensive  workforce, employee management is essential to a happy, productive building.    Let’s…

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Management Dealing with Delinquent Owners
2012 May Dealing with Delinquent Owners

 By and large, a board and management company can expect payment from residents  for monthly fees to be received on time and in full. These all-important funds  keep day-to-day operations moving forward without delay. There are situations,…

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Management The Big 10
2012 April The Big 10

 Part of the job of a condo board is to keep your association’s grounds or lawn looking healthy and attractive. After all, curb appeal can do  wonders when it comes to appraisals and even the morale of your community  members. But most con…

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Management Let's See Your License
2012 March Let's See Your License

 People say “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” In the same vein, ignorance of contractor illegalities is no excuse—and no comfort—when something goes wrong. Association members are well-advised to bone up on  what’s important before they…

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Management Aging In Place
2012 January Aging In Place

 Citizens over the age of 65 comprise nearly 13 percent of the U.S. population—just under 40 million seniors. By 2030, it is estimated that 72 million Americans will be over the age of 65,  nearly doubling those numbers. Where this volume …

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Management A Matter of Style
2012 January A Matter of Style

 To be considered an effective manager, one must possess a plethora of skills  including the ability to inspire, motivate and handle multiple tasks at once.  In the end, building managers are only successful when they satisfy, or better  y…

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Management Friend Us on Facebook
2012 January Friend Us on Facebook

 As the calendar approached the start of 2012, more than 800 million people were  on Facebook, 200 million people sent updates on Twitter, around 125 million  were chatting away on MySpace and around 120 million people were registered  use…

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Management A Day in the Life
2012 January A Day in the Life

 If there’s one constant in the property management industry, it’s that there is no constant in the property management industry.    Every day, every week, is different. There’s never a dull moment; it’s always challenging. And the …

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Management Striking a Balance
2012 January Striking a Balance

As they gaze across azure seas, past palm trees and swimming pools on a tropical coastline, prospective buyers on HGTV’s “House Hunters” show always ask about the fees. Unlike most would-be residents, though, they might not bat an eye a…

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