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Management EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!
2011 January EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!

 Most community associations have emergency preparedness plans in case of fires,  floods, or hurricanes. But there’s one form of disaster that very few have an organized response for: the public relations  disaster.    “It’s the lac…

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Management Negotiating Management Contracts
2011 January Negotiating Management Contracts

 Drawing up a contract for management services looks at first glance like a  simple task. Such contracts usually follow a particular format and outline  similar services. But what about contract areas where there’s room for negotiation? Ho…

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Management Managing in the Economic Downturn
2011 January Managing in the Economic Downturn

Job losses. Bankruptcies. Foreclosures. These are tough times for everyone, but when homeowners fall on hard times, they are often late paying condo fees. Some can’t even afford to pay them at all. Add i…

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Management Hitting the Books
2011 January Hitting the Books

These are hardly the best of times for those who manage community associations, charged as they are with overseeing financial well-being, maintenance goals, legal issues and an almost unpredictable kaleidoscope of other daily concerns, …

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Management Malden Massachusetts
2010 Jan Malden Massachusetts

 When people mention “suburbs,” it’s not uncommon to think of quiet towns – bedroom communities – lacking the vibrancy of the nearby city that residents head off to each  morning. Malden, Massachusetts, however, though only a 12-minute tra…

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Management Time For a Change?
2010 Jan Time For a Change?

 Usually, life in a condo goes on uneventfully on a day-to-day basis, with  routine maintenance, elections, gardening, move-ins, move-outs and the like  taking up most of its attention. Every once in a while, however, something  comes up t…

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Management Desperately Seeking Neighbors
2010 Jan Desperately Seeking Neighbors

A lot of people buy condominiums because they never want to have to mow a lawn or shovel snow again. But eight owners of University Park Lofts in Worcester, Massachusetts, had no choice after the developer at the mostly-vacant 37-unit …

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Management Managing Distressed Properties
2010 Jan Managing Distressed Properties

 In today’s difficult economy, more and more homeowner associations are facing the  prospect of dealing with some form of distress. Whether it’s physical distress from lack of funding for repairs or financial distress from  foreclosures an…

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Management Self-Management
2010 Jan Self-Management

Self-managed condominiums are a puzzle to many, especially considering that one major driving force for purchasing a condominium is to offload countless common home ownership responsibilities to someone else. A community that assumes the s…

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