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Management The Second Annual New England Condo Expo
2010 Jan The Second Annual New England Condo Expo

 The second annual New England Condo Expo will showcase over 150 exhibitors from  all over New England when the exciting day-long event returns to the Seaport  World Trade Center at 200 Seaport Boulevard in Boston on Wednesday, May 12,  20…

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Management The Next Generation
2009 Jan The Next Generation

A property manager’s day often begins at daybreak with a flood of messages and continues at a frenetic pace until evening board meetings. But no two days are alike; each day poses a new challenge. Managers must respond to emai…

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Management Looking Into the Future
2009 Jan Looking Into the Future

The roller-coaster ride labeled “2008” is over at last. But will its replacement be just as wild? Or are we in for a calmer time in 2009? It’s impossible to know what lies ahead, though any number of “experts” will offer forecasts rangi…

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Management My Job or Yours?
2009 Jan My Job or Yours?

The old adage is that it takes a village to raise a child. Think about that—it takes many people, working together, to do what’s right for just one child. It’s about teamwork. The same philosophy can be applied to running a successfu…

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Management Big Vs. Boutique
2009 Jan Big Vs. Boutique

When it comes to property management firms, sometimes bigger is better. And sometimes, small is what you need. And sometimes, as Goldilocks discovered, something somewhere in the middle can be just right. Whether it’s large companies wi…

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Management How Am I Doing?
2009 Jan How Am I Doing?

At almost any job, whether it involves running a multinational investment firm or flipping burgers at a chain restaurant, employees are given periodic reviews of  their performance. Common elements of all reviews are that they assess how th…

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Management The Office of Neighborhood Services
2008 April The Office of Neighborhood Services

While New York City is defined by its classic architecture and familiar skyline, Boston is defined by its unique collection of neighborhoods and ethnic diversity. Twenty-one neighborhoods make up Boston proper and to find out a little mo…

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Management Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Open for Business
2008 April Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Open for Business

Consensus holds that Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has it all. Not content with a distinguished naval history only, the city of about 20,000 has blossomed like the strawberries once did on the banks of the Piscataqua River. Now, while remai…

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Management How to Attract and Keep Management Staff
2008 April How to Attract and Keep Management Staff

If a service company’s number one asset is its people, there is no more important topic than “How to Attract and Keep Staff.” The challenges of finding, hiring and keeping the best staff—at a cost that still fits within the overall finan…

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Management Caught in the Middle
2008 April Caught in the Middle

Conflict among neighbors is something every property manager must face. As long as people have different viewpoints and varied lifestyles, they will argue and bicker and call each other names. Add to that the close living quarters of som…

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