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Management Caught in the Middle
2008 April Caught in the Middle

Conflict among neighbors is something every property manager must face. As long as people have different viewpoints and varied lifestyles, they will argue and bicker and call each other names. Add to that the close living quarters of som…

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Management Great Expectations
2008 April Great Expectations

Whether it’s a neighbor’s barking dog or a backed-up toilet, the problems of condominium owners and residents are always personal. Their homes are a haven–and an investment–so at times, even an easily-solved issue can feel like a catastr…

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Management Above and Beyond
2008 April Above and Beyond

No two condos are the same, and neither are the needs of the buildings. A brownstone in Cambridge, a hotel-like complex in Boston’s Back Bay, a row of townhouses in Nashua—each requires specific services from its management company. …

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Management The Subprime Mortgage Fallout
2008 April The Subprime Mortgage Fallout

The Climate of the real estate market across the country has shifted, and the fallout from the subprime mortgage crisis has been felt in cities and towns throughout the country. The co-op and condo market in New England is no exception, …

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Management Choosing the Right Vendor
2008 April Choosing the Right Vendor

There’s always something to do around a condominium or co-op building. There’s landscaping to be done in the spring, summer and fall. A swimming pool adds to summer’s workload, and snow removal is one of winter’s most important chores. M…

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Management Gone South
2007 Dec Gone South

If they haven't left already, the remaining "snowbirds" will shortly depart for their warm and snug Sunbelt condominiums. Left behind will be scowling residents scraping ice off their windshields and shorthanded association boards — many…

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Management Technology Today
2007 April Technology Today

Where there's smoke, there's fire, right? Not always. Smoke and soot damage are the obvious aftereffects of a fire, but they are also the by-products of many other domestic mishaps, including residue build-up in a furnace or chimney…

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Management Community Perspectives
2007 April Community Perspectives

Insidious is not a word that usually comes to mind when think of community association living. But then again, we don't generally think of any insidious phenomena around us as being insidious. Need an example? While majority of Americans…

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Management The One Hour Board Meeting
2007 April The One Hour Board Meeting

One of the most important elements in the operation of a community association is the meeting process. The success of an association is often reflected in the quality and tenor of its meetings. Surprisingly, the meeting process is often …

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Management When is a Good Time?
2007 April When is a Good Time?

Maybe it starts with complaints about guest parking, or too much noise from next door, or neighbors smoking. Whatever the reason, the condominium rules and regulations— also known as the CR&Rs—in your community probably need updating. C…

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