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Management Thinking About Buying a Vacation Condo?
2007 April Thinking About Buying a Vacation Condo?

With warmer days arriving at last, thoughts turn to lazy summer days in a beachside house. But what's the best way to secure your spot on the beach if you don't want the hassles of full-time ownership? Condo-hotels and time-shares are tw…

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Management Tongue in Cheek
2007 April Tongue in Cheek

As a rule, New England Condominium sticks to the straight and narrow as we contemplate the many players and problems in condominiums. But condo- miniums are, after all, populated with people, and people are human, fallible, and occas…

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Management Negotiating the Contract
2007 April Negotiating the Contract

The management contract defines the relationship between the condominium and management company, but the document's provisions frequently receive only cursory review or discussion by the condominium board. If troubles crop up down th…

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Management 100 Years Young
2007 April 100 Years Young

The New England landscape has changed considerably since the first condominiums opened here some four decades ago. And the attributes of the condominiums themselves have morphed over the years; there are now high-rises and mid-rises…

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Management Associations Can "Reasonably" Restrict Rights
Associations Can "Reasonably" Restrict Rights

Are homeowner association's governmental or quasi-governmental entities? Until last year, most attorneys who practice community association law would have said the answer was clearly, and appropriately, no. But a New Jersey appeals court…

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Management High Tech Tools for Building Management
High Tech Tools for Building Management

In today's world, it's assumed that business can maintain contact internally or with their customers 24/7—whether via cell phones, the Internet or e-mail. This holds doubly true for the residential management industry. Technology ha…

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Management Switching Management Companies
Switching Management Companies

Most of the time, a condo association or co-op building and its management company enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership—the management company and the individual agents try their best to serve their clients, and their client communiti…

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Management Amending Your Bylaws
Amending Your Bylaws

Usually, life in a condo goes on uneventfully on a day-to-day basis, with routine maintenance, elections, gardening, move-ins, move-outs and the like taking up most of its attentions. Every once in a while, however, something comes …

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Management The Board/Management Relationship
The Board/Management Relationship

Unless they're self-managed, most urban residential buildings employ professional property managers to handle their books, bid out repair jobs, hire contractors and deal with the day-to-day administrative functions that few unit owners o…

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Management Successful Management Strategies
Successful Management Strategies

Ask Mark Weisman, the president of Brownstone Real Estate in Boston, what makes a good managing agent, and his answer is simple: "You should be able to solve small problems before they become big problems—that's basically it." This des…

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