2008 Oct
Focus on... Association Operations

Board Operations Avoiding Burnout
2008 Oct Avoiding Burnout

With only so many hours in the day, balancing the demands of work, family and outside obligations can become a struggle for anyone, and community association board members are no different. They volunteer countless hours guiding their …

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Board Operations "You're Fired"
2008 Oct "You're Fired"

Although rare, there are instances where a community association has to dismiss its manager — like a recent case in Florida where the manager admitted to writing himself checks from his condominium to the tune of over $40,000. Condo…

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Board Operations No Stone Unturned
2008 Oct No Stone Unturned

This winter, when the cold winds of winter whip down from Canada or Nor'easters swirl up the coast bringing tons of snow, condominium residents will head to that thermostat and crank up the heat. Unfortunately, each twist of the thermost…

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Board Operations Advice for New Board Members
2008 Oct Advice for New Board Members

Almost every condo owner, from time to time, has thought about running for the board. Most quickly discount the notion, but a fair number throw their hats into the ring, and some of these even get elected. But what does it mean to be ele…

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Board Operations So You've Been Sued...
2008 Oct So You've Been Sued...

Lawsuits are an unfortunate, and expensive, fact of life. It’s been that way ever since the first civil courts in ancient Sumeria, and will be that way as long as there are two parties to dispute something. Chances are, if you live long …

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Board Operations Lenox, Massachusetts
2008 Oct Lenox, Massachusetts

Unlike many notable New England towns, Lenox, Massachusetts does not have a coastline. Nevertheless, it was once a prized destination of the rich and famous. Nestled in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, known to some as “The American…

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Board Operations Volunteer Profile
2008 Oct Volunteer Profile

On a day-to-day basis, community association managers juggle a challenging array of responsibilities in order to keep their communities running smoothly and residents happy. Fortunately, we don’t work in a vacuum. And contrary to th…

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