2013 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations High & Mighty
2013 October High & Mighty

There’s nothing worse than being a unit owner in a building and seeing someone on your board breaking a rule and seemingly getting away with it. Some board members or trustees believe that they are “above the law” so to speak, and se…

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Board Operations Just One Big, Happy Family...?
2013 October Just One Big, Happy Family...?

Finding the right balance of involvement between HOAs and condo boards and residents can be like maintaining a healthy relationship with a significant other—you want to be compassionate, responsive and attentive, but not too needy, nosy or…

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Board Operations Just a Minute!
2013 October Just a Minute!

In Bolton, Massachusetts, a condo resident owned a truck with commercial license plates and, when it wasn’t in use, he wanted to park it on the property. The previous board gave him approval to do so, but when it came time to produce proof…

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Board Operations All in a Day's Work
2013 October All in a Day's Work

Property management, in the broadest of terms, is defined as the operation, control and oversight of real estate. Most property managers would agree that this particular definition is just a starting point. There are many facets to t…

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Management Rules on Records
2013 October Rules on Records

It’s no secret that helping to run a board of directors or board of trustees for a condo association is a thankless task. There are a lot of issues to take care of, and board members are strictly volunteers. While there might be some unoff…

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Maintenance Trouble Boiling Over?
2013 October Trouble Boiling Over?

Modern cities are amazing creations, pulsing with life 24 hours a day, and built to cater to every need of residents. Take away just one of any city dweller’s basic necessities like plumbing, electricity or heating and air conditioning, th…

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Neighborhoods Camden, Maine.
2013 October Camden, Maine.

Although fewer than 5,000 residents make their home here year-round, Camden, a town in Knox County, Maine, is known as a popular summer and winter resort destination visited by majestic tall ships in the summer and amateur and professional…

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Q&A:Establishing a Rental Cap?
2013 October Q&A:Establishing a Rental Cap?

Establishing a Rental Cap? Q I live in a condo, and the board is trying to establish a rental cap in the building's rules and regulations, instead of making the change in the condo's bylaws. Does the board have the power to do this, or …

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Q&A:Are Extended Terms Legal?
2013 October Q&A:Are Extended Terms Legal?

Are Extended Terms Legal? The condominium will be starting a major rehab project in February 2014. It is expected to last between 12-18 months. The Board of Trustees unilaterally voted to have their terms automatically extended until the…

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Q&A Q&A:Charging for Parking Spaces
2013 October Q&A:Charging for Parking Spaces

Six years ago I bought a two bedroom condo advertised with having two (2) parking spaces. They are piggyback spaces, meaning that the first car can't get out unless the second car moves. The parking spaces are not part of the deed, therefo…

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