2015 August
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Insurance Insurance Decisions
2015 August Insurance Decisions

Earthquake insurance is very common in California, for obvious reasons—but what about in New England? Tremors may be rare here, but nonetheless, they do happen. And they can cause damage to condominiums and other structures. On Octob…

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Insurance Homesharing and Insurance
2015 August Homesharing and Insurance

Long before Airbnb became a household word, attorney Frank Flynn was dealing with condominium owners who thought that turning their units into a bed and breakfast was a great idea. “It’s a terrible idea. You get all these people coming and…

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Insurance Filing Insurance Claims
2015 August Filing Insurance Claims

Boards and associations, just like individuals, carry insurance coverage to protect them from liability, loss and other financial and legal problems, although the issues may be a little different than the typical auto or single-family home…

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Maintenance Insuring Winter’s Woes
2015 August Insuring Winter’s Woes

The birds are chirping, the trees are plush and green, and the beaches are lined with people. The record-breaking winter of only a few months ago, when inch after inch of snow piled up in New England, causing trouble for roads, businesses,…

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Maintenance It's a Pave New World
2015 August It's a Pave New World

How solid is the ground on which you walk and drive upon in your community? The answer might surprise you, as could the amount of money that might be seeping from your community’s bank account from unnecessary repairs to driveways, parking…

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Q&A Q&A: Accessing Financial Records
2015 August Q&A: Accessing Financial Records

Q I live in a condominium complex with 75 units. I have asked the board for a financial statement since I never received one. It is my understanding that under Massachusetts General Law 183A, the association or its management company i…

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Q&A Q&A: The Rule Makers
2015 August Q&A: The Rule Makers

Q What if any are the limits to what the board of trustees are required to do under Massachusetts General Statutes 183A? What happens if they overstep their bounds? — Unauthorized in Auburn A “The mandatory provisions a…

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