2015 December
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security Security Technology
2015 December Security Technology

The most important aspect of managing a building is keeping it, its residents, and their property safe. In days past, 'safety technology' consisted mostly of well-lit exits, the installation of panic bars and glow-in-the-dark stripping on e…

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Security Denying Access
2015 December Denying Access

The synopsis for the 2013 horror film The Purge is pretty extreme: in the future, society implements a 12-hour period called “the purge,” wherein any and all crime is legalized. Always wanted to vandalize your boss’s car? Thinking about sho…

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Security Condo Inspections
2015 December Condo Inspections

Condominium associations, whether housed in a single building or in a sprawling development, provide a reliably cozy and comfortable community in which to live. But this comfort requires vigilance on the part of both board and management to…

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Security Building Safety for Everyone
2015 December Building Safety for Everyone

New England is home to more than three million seniors age 60 and older, and about one in four suffers some type of physical impairment. When you factor in a climate prone to blizzards and heavy snow storms, a disaster plan is an obvious ne…

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Maintenance Disaster Recovery
2015 December Disaster Recovery

Disasters, whether big or small, most often strike from out of the blue. They catch us unawares, flatfooted and feeling helpless at their impact. This is especially true when these disasters hit us at home—or within our shared co-op or cond…

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Neighborhoods Manchester, New Hampshire
2015 December Manchester, New Hampshire

The largest city in the state of New Hampshire, Manchester is the largest city in northern New England. It ranks high is affordability, lifestyle and economic opportunity. The Granite State community is also the birthplace of Gilmore Girls’…

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Q&A Q&A: Snowman's Land
2015 December Q&A: Snowman's Land

Q. In a situation wherein a person refuses to pay maintenance fees, what can be done? Every time we ask whether we can cut off snow removal from the person's driveway, we are told that it could be considered a "gray area." What if the per…

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