2015 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Maintenance A Clear View
2015 March A Clear View

Windows can dramatically change any space, from transforming a tiny kitchen into a front row seat to a glorious skyline to morphing a standard upstairs bedroom into a perfect perch for an ocean view. Windows bring vast life and light to a …

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Maintenance I Bid You Good Day
2015 March I Bid You Good Day

Did you hear the one about the condo association that went the do-it-yourself route? No, we’re sure you didn’t…because communities hire professionals for all but the most minor repairs and upkeep (no offense to your Cousin Rich, who was ho…

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Maintenance Heavy Metal
2015 March Heavy Metal

American history is littered with tales of ornamental metal work dotting Boston’s architecture. From railings to cornices to balconies to windows, decorative metal was all the rage in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but has taken a backsea…

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Law & Legislation Neighborly Neglect
2015 March Neighborly Neglect

People have a right to their privacy, and to be able to enjoy their own homes. Which means others don’t have a right to infringe upon that enjoyment, unless it’s unavoidable (such as in the case of a street renovation project). If only the…

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Winter’s Woes
2015 March Winter’s Woes

Although it seems like the wrath of Mother Nature will never end here in New England as snow keeps piling up outside, property managers soon will have to take stock of the winter damage done to condo and HOA properties throughout the regio…

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Maintenance Weatherproofing 101
2015 March Weatherproofing 101

The first week of 2015 brought torrential downpours and freezing temperatures to the New England area, and this horrendous wind-driven rain resulted in numerous calls to weatherproofing and waterproofing companies throughout the area from …

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Q&A Q&A: Notification of Rules Violations
2015 March Q&A: Notification of Rules Violations

Q In this day and age, must notices of rule violations be sent by certified mail? Can they be sent via priority/tracking mail? Via email? Must complaints by others to a rules committee always be placed on a standardized form, or can they …

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Q&A Q&A: Maintaining a Vacant Unit
2015 March Q&A: Maintaining a Vacant Unit

My question is as follows: What happens if the HOA has title to a unit and a bank holds the mortgage but takes it back from the HOA, is the bank responsible for all expenses? (Expenses, such as maintenance, tax, water and electric, etc.). T…

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