2017 July
Focus on... Budgets & Finance

Finance Inadequate Reserves
2017 July Inadequate Reserves

There are few feelings worse than encountering an unexpected expense and finding the piggy bank empty. That is why reserve funds and reserve studies are such important elements in the financial well-being of co-ops, condos and homeowners as…

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Finance What Boards Should Know About Finances
2017 July What Boards Should Know About Finances

Money, money, money. The world runs on it. And your building’s well-being depends on it. The issue is not just having funds, but managing them. Handling the finances for an entire building or association is a major responsibility, and boar…

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Finance Hiring—and Paying—Contractors
2017 July Hiring—and Paying—Contractors

Co-op, condo and HOA living represents a unique social arrangement; it’s a paid-for membership club and a home at the same time. Many people enter into this arrangement without a complete understanding of the responsibilities of membership.…

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Q&A Q&A: Identifying Sex Offenders
2017 July Q&A: Identifying Sex Offenders

Q. I was recently made aware that a sex offender moved into my condominium building.  He moved into his girlfriend’s unit. I made the board aware of this and even gave them a printout from the sex offender registry. We have a lot of child…

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