2017 September
Focus on... Energy & The Environment

Energy Conservation Improving Indoor Air Quality
2017 September Improving Indoor Air Quality

In multifamily buildings that hundreds —maybe even thousands—of people call home, it comes as no surprise that unpleasant smells can become an absolute nuisance. The airways that run through the building, the chutes and areas that house the…

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Energy Conservation A Look at Cogeneration
2017 September A Look at Cogeneration

Many residential properties obtain their power from a local energy supplier. But in recent years, boards and managing agents have investigated, and in some cases, installed “cogeneration ” systems that allow properties to produce a portion …

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Energy Conservation Green Cleaning
2017 September Green Cleaning

Cleaning products should, ideally, have one primary function: to make things less dirty. But once one delves deeper into the overall goal, things get more complicated. What makes something really clean? Does it just look shinier? Smell bett…

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Design The Challenge of Small Spaces
2017 September The Challenge of Small Spaces

Unless you call a sprawling Wyoming cattle ranch home, chances are that in your life, space comes at a premium. And while living in close quarters in places like New York City is often fodder for jokes, the problem of not enough space (or t…

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Q&A Q&A: Inspection Needed?
2017 September Q&A: Inspection Needed?

Q.  I live in a town house condo in Massachusetts and do not use my fireplace. Am I required to have it inspected every year?                       —Cost-Conscious Owner? A.  “There is no state statute or regulation which requires a un…

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Q&A Q&A: Doing Double Duty
2017 September Q&A: Doing Double Duty

Q. We live in a small condo association, only 24 units. It’s a great place, and most of the owners have been here for many years. Needless to say, as people get older, and have been volunteering for various positions over the years, it’s …

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