2008 August
Focus on... Insurance

Insurance Stormy Weather
2008 August Stormy Weather

The scenes are indelible: uprooted trees strewn across roadways. Windows broken. Streets flooded. Roofs torn from the homes they were designed to protect. Hurricanes are chaos machines, generating fear and destruction wherever and when…

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Insurance Protecting the Board
2008 August Protecting the Board

Say you’re a new association trustee in your condo. It’s a great honor—you’ve been recognized as a leader, and now you can try to put some of your ideas into effect. However, in your new position, you could now be sued because of your fi…

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Insurance Insuring Home and Hearth
2008 August Insuring Home and Hearth

The importance of insuring one’s personal property is rarely grounds for debate, as people regularly make out checks in varying sums for policies they hope they will never have to make use of. And in theory, the concept is simple: You b…

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Insurance Risk Avoidance
2008 August Risk Avoidance

Insurance is a hassle and an expensive necessity for any condominium. A great way to bring costs down and to keep them down is to reduce liability. Many things that can help with insurance costs are along the lines of common sense, and…

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Insurance Kennebunkport:
2008 August Kennebunkport:

Kennebunkport, Maine, is a destination. People visit or relocate there on purpose. Since 1602 when colonial fishermen spent their summers along the Kennebunk River, until the present day when former presidents and other solace-seekers …

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Insurance After an Insurance Loss
2008 August After an Insurance Loss

A frantic phone call is received at 2 o'clock in the morning from a condominium. Water is cascading through three floors of Building 12, a 30-unit building. At least six units (two per floor) have experienced extensive damage, and the co…

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Insurance Universal Design
2008 August Universal Design

From fashion trends to purchasing priorities, the wants and needs of the Baby Boomer Generation have shaped American culture, industry and society in profound ways. As members of this influential demographic sell their large s…

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