2008 September
Focus on... Energy and the Environment

Energy Conservation The Greening of New England
2008 September The Greening of New England

We diligently sort our recycling. We drive our hybrids to the nearby market to buy locally-produced organic food. We are looking for ways to live more harmoniously with the planet. Real estate developers have carefully noted this trend, …

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Energy Conservation "Green" Carrots
2008 September "Green" Carrots

Because they are relatively large and must maintain sizable common areas, condominiums have been hit particularly hard by rising energy costs. But because they are shared ownership communities, and because they often share walls, condo…

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Energy Conservation Waste Not Want Not
2008 September Waste Not Want Not

We are all feeling it –costs consistently creeping upward, skyrocketing grocery bills, and do we dare discuss what we are dealing with at the pump? What’s next? The sad answer is: Your water bill. Water, a commodity that most …

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Energy Conservation Taking the Lead
2008 September Taking the Lead

Keeping up with soaring energy costs has nearly everyone scrambling to make some changes. Unit owners are driving less, turning out lights, and keeping a close eye on the thermostats. But when it comes to reducing energy use and en…

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Energy Conservation A Breath of Fresh Air
2008 September A Breath of Fresh Air

“Be it ever so humble,” the song goes, “there’s no place like home.” There really is no place like home, but what if the air you were breathing in your “home sweet home” was actually making you and your family very sick? We all…

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Energy Conservation Even Older Condos Can Go "Green"
2008 September Even Older Condos Can Go "Green"

Yogi Berra, former philosopher-catcher for the New York Yankees, got it right. “It’s déjà vu all over again.” The reprise of the 1973 energy crisis is back on stage. The future is not what it used to be. Energy is the new arbiter of econ…

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Energy Conservation Greenwich, Connecticut
2008 September Greenwich, Connecticut

Located just 30 miles from New York City’s Times Square, Greenwich lies in the very southwestern corner of Connecticut. The first town in New England on the commuter train line from New York, Greenwich has thrived on its mix of wealthy …

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Energy Conservation Legal Issues
2008 September Legal Issues

Skyrocketing energy costs have become the unfortunate norm. So it’s probably a good time to revisit a relatively obscure section of Massachusetts’ condominium statute that empowers condominium boards to become energy conservationists. …

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