2010 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation The New England Condo Expo
2010 June The New England Condo Expo

 They came to learn, to network, and to discover new solutions for managing their  community associations. And they went home with stacks of information and minds  brimming with ideas.    Over a thousand board members, homeowners an…

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Law & Legislation A Burning Issue
2010 June A Burning Issue

The late 1990s saw a surge of nationwide smoking restrictions put into effect. State by state, smoking ban legislation was proposed, put to a vote and passed into law. No public dwelling seemed untouched, including the workplace, shops,…

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Law & Legislation New England  2010 Legislative Roundup
2010 June New England 2010 Legislative Roundup

With New England condominiums still grappling with the recent economic downturn, it’s no accident that most new state condo legislation deals with money matters. From a proposed superlien law in New Hampshire that would put condos first…

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Law & Legislation Your Condo's Attorney
2010 June Your Condo's Attorney

While it’s generally understood how to employ the first two people – to call the accountant when bills are due and at tax time and the property manager pretty much all the time – rules for engaging the condo’s lawyer remain somewhat vagu…

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Law & Legislation Feeling the Squeeze
2010 June Feeling the Squeeze

Even while faced with massive deficits, the governors of each of the New England states have pledged not to raise taxes in their proposed fiscal year 2011 budgets. While this is good news for taxpayers in the short run, no new taxes in…

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Law & Legislation Pretty as a Picture
2010 June Pretty as a Picture

First dubbed “Eden” by settlers at the end of the eighteenth century, Bar Harbor, Maine has always sounded like the quintessential place to vacation. Even the original inhabitants, the Wabanaki Indians, called the area Ah-bays'auk or the…

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Q&A: Who's Responsible for Dying Hedge?
2010 June Q&A: Who's Responsible for Dying Hedge?

Q A common area privacy hedge behind my home has been attacked with a fungus and many plants have died. The hedge was a barrier for both privacy and sound fromthe boulevard that my home borders. I have sent several letters that have been …

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