2010 Oct
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Put it in Writing
2010 Oct Put it in Writing

The sitting president of a board of directors of a homeowners association in Connecticut recently approached management with a proposition. If he awarded her boyfriend job contracts, the property manager would receive a kickba…

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Board Operations Everybody Out!
2010 Oct Everybody Out!

 At a Planning Board meeting in a small Massachusetts town, the members reached  an agenda item pertaining to a rather complicated land deal that involved the  purchase of hundreds of acres of lakefront property.    The Planning Boa…

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Board Operations Difficult Choices
2010 Oct Difficult Choices

 Decisions, decisions, decisions. Board members have to make them all the time,  from how money should be spent on repairs to what contractors should be hired.    Making decisions might seem easy, but deciding between two courses of…

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Board Operations Preparing for the Worst
2010 Oct Preparing for the Worst

“When there is a river in your parking lot where the cars and the dumpsters are floating away, it really puts the property manager to the test to see how well he or she has planned,” says David J. Levy, PCAM, veteran property manager an…

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Board Operations Insurance Issues
2010 Oct Insurance Issues

The fortunate fact is that most associations do not have claims on any regular basis. The consequence of this, however, is that many associations are not experienced in the claims process, and are prone to make mistakes, which can result…

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Board Operations Northampton, Massachusetts
2010 Oct Northampton, Massachusetts

What do Northampton, Massachusetts, and Brooklyn, New York, have in common? A fair share of transplanted Manhattanites. Restaurants featuring local ingredients. Great music. A strong gay and lesbian community. Families with young kids.…

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Board Operations Legal Issues
2010 Oct Legal Issues

 Every claim by a resident that he or she needs a special accommodation in connection with a condominium’s rules, policies, or services due to an alleged handicap – whether physical or emotional – must be taken very seriously. The failure …

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Q&A: "i'm being hounded about my dog!"
2010 Oct Q&A: "i'm being hounded about my dog!"

Q I purchased my condo three years ago and at that time I was given a copy of the rules & regulations. This is a small associationwith 12 units. The documents stated pets were acceptable. I have been on the board for the last three year…

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