2010 Sept
Focus on... Energy & the Environment

Energy Conservation Choosing Your Energy Source
2010 Sept Choosing Your Energy Source

Public utility companies like NSTAR and National Grid are going the way of Bell Telephone, which for over a century was simply “the phone company,” the sole provider of telephone communications delivered over its vast infrastructure. Now…

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Energy Conservation Getting Away from Gas
2010 Sept Getting Away from Gas

When it comes to being green, New England’s condos have gone far beyond recycling bins. They’re doing everything from recycling water and switching to cleaner propane-powered gasoline lawnmowers to installing bike racks and walking trai…

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Energy Conservation Seeing the Light
2010 Sept Seeing the Light

Lighting in the U.S. alone accounts for approximately 22 percent of all electricity used, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. It is no wonder that in the current economic and environmentally-sensitive climate a lot of effort is…

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Energy Conservation Green Myths
2010 Sept Green Myths

Mom was right. Her admonition to “turn out the lights when you leave the room” is as valid today as it was a generation ago. And yet many condominiums today, while energy-conscious in so many ways, seem to feel it’s better to jus…

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Energy Conservation Hanover, New Hampshire
2010 Sept Hanover, New Hampshire

Perched on the banks of the Connecticut River and a stone’s throw from Vermont rests the town of Hanover, New Hampshire. With an Ivy League college, a hospital and the Appalachian Trail all finding their place in or their way through th…

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Energy Conservation Environmental Issues
2010 Sept Environmental Issues

 My last column discussed how the approach to greening your individual  condominium unit is different from greening a single-family home. To complement the efforts private unit owners may be taking in their homes to reduce environmental im…

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Q&A: Must Errant Condo Boards be Corrected?
2010 Sept Q&A: Must Errant Condo Boards be Corrected?

Q Do professionals such as attorneys and managers under contract to my condominium have any obligation to see that the boardoperates under the guidelines of the Rhode Island State Condominium Act and our condominium documents? …

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