2012 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Getting Ahead of the Curve
2012 October Getting Ahead of the Curve

 Board members and trustees are volunteers with many responsibilities. They  devote time to their association, act as a governing body for the condo and  have the powers to control what is permitted to take place and not take place.  It’s …

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Board Operations Boards Underwater
2012 October Boards Underwater

 Fallout and repercussions from the unprecedented bust in the real estate and  mortgage industries are still dogging condo associations all over the country.    Within community associations, owners continue to default on both fees …

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Board Operations When Good Things Happen
2012 October When Good Things Happen

 This past year, many condominium associations enjoyed a double dose of good  fortune: a milder winter with less snow removal and salting, resulting in a  little extra money left in the coffers by spring. The question then becomes:  What t…

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Board Operations Understanding Fiduciary Duty
2012 October Understanding Fiduciary Duty

 Being elected to the board of a co-op or a condo comes with a great deal of  power, and with that power also comes a great deal of responsibility. Whether  they serve a co-op or condo community, trustees and board members, in their  posit…

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Maintenance HVAC Insider
2012 October HVAC Insider

 With harsh winters and blistering hot summers, those living in New England  condominiums understand the importance of properly working heating,  ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.    That’s why it’s important for man…

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Board Operations Getting Out the Vote
2012 October Getting Out the Vote

 Election season typically starts around Labor Day, when we start to be bombarded  with reminders to cast our ballots to choose who we want to be in charge of our  city, town, state and country. It ends on Election Day in November, when th…

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Design Beyond Curb Appeal
2012 October Beyond Curb Appeal

 Curb appeal provides that first impression, the attention-grabbing feature that  all condominium and co-op properties strive for. Across New England, curb  appeal usually starts with colorful flowers or plants that reflect the changing  s…

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Q&A: Can Managers Serve on a Board?
2012 October Q&A: Can Managers Serve on a Board?

Q My question is about being elected to the board of a condo association. We have  a building management company hired by our board. Can the management company  executive be elected to the board? How about any other persons from the  comp…

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Q&A: Throw the Rascals Out?
2012 October Q&A: Throw the Rascals Out?

Q Residents of our cooperative have been faced with the problem of getting rid of  the co-op’s board of directors. These are some of the reasons why: 1.They lack the  expertise to be board members because they are inept, incompetent and  …

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