2013 August
Focus on... Insurance/Board Training

Insurance Insuring Honesty and Integrity
2013 August Insuring Honesty and Integrity

When you decide to run for a board, you’re usually thinking about all the great changes you’re going to make to your building community, along with all the time and effort that you’re prepared to sacrifice for the good of your home. …

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Insurance Contractor Coverage & Liability
2013 August Contractor Coverage & Liability

All professional contractors and service providers are required by law to carry insurance to cover their activities. Any condo building should also carry its own insurance to cover accidents or other incidents on the property—this could…

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Board Operations Round 'Em Up!
2013 August Round 'Em Up!

Freelance photographer Jocelyn A. lives in a charming, post-war brick townhouse community of over 1,600 units and a $3 million annual budget. She receives a monthly newsletter with over 20 pages of everything to keep residents i…

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Neighborhoods Branford, CT
2013 August Branford, CT

Branford, a shoreline town located on Long Island Sound in New Haven County, has the best of both worlds, proximity to the ocean and the mountainous ridges of Central Connecticut. Once renowned as a summer resort community where the we…

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Q & A: Charging for Photocopies
2013 August Q & A: Charging for Photocopies

Charging for Photocopies Q Our Declaration of Trust states that the books, accounts and records of the trustees shall be open to inspection by one or more of the trustees and the unit owners at all reasonable times. Since the…

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