2013 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance A Breath of Fresh Air
2013 November A Breath of Fresh Air

Air conditioning, climate control and proper handling of waste play a huge role in maintaining quality of life—not only in terms of comfort, but in terms of health as well. In a multifamily building with scores, or possibly hundreds,…

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Maintenance Live Long and Prosper
2013 November Live Long and Prosper

Nothing lasts forever, and though you can’t predict the moment a piece of building equipment will break down, you can prepare for it. Even the toughest boiler, HVAC unit, or elevator will eventually tucker out and need major repairs, or ju…

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Maintenance Now is The Time
2013 November Now is The Time

If you’re on a board in a New England condo or HOA, now is the time that you should be talking about making any of the major improvements that you’ve discussed or considered over the past few years. Even if you have a plan in place to do a…

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Maintenance Do It Yourself
2013 November Do It Yourself

A small-scale project is pending, and the management company is considering proposals or bids from several local contractors. The job could be as basic as trimming shrubs, staining decks or wiring some new lighting, so it’s no wonder that …

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Management SuperMen & SuperWomen!
2013 November SuperMen & SuperWomen!

The life of a super is different every day, but it usually goes something like this: arrive at work each morning; check in with security for any possible situations that have come up during the night; review any outstanding work orders and…

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Board Operations Deck the Halls — Or Not
2013 November Deck the Halls — Or Not

In an episode of the television classic, “Seinfeld,” George Costanza’s father (played by Jerry Stiller) invents “Festivus—for the rest of us” to mold all the holidays into one event. Attorney Frank Lombardi of the law firm of Goodman, Shap…

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Law & Legislation Avoid Winter Slip-Ups
2013 November Avoid Winter Slip-Ups

With winter rapidly approaching and the memories of last winter’s onslaught of snowstorms still in mind, this is a good time to begin thinking about an association’s duties and obligations to maintain the common areas throughout these comi…

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Q&A: Notice of Violation and Fines
2013 November Q&A: Notice of Violation and Fines

Notice of Violation and Fines Q We send violation notices and the owners just throw it in the trash. We would prefer to threaten fines rather than legal proceedings. Specifically, on issues such as leasing units without board approv…

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