2014 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation Avoiding Legal Blunders
2014 June Avoiding Legal Blunders

You’ve just been elected to your condo board of trustees. On the one hand, you’re honored. A few neighbors have offered a congratulatory handshake, and now you’re in the mood to pop the bubbly. On the other, there’s a sense of hesitation. …

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Law & Legislation Vetting Contracts Before You Sign
2014 June Vetting Contracts Before You Sign

Condominium associations should seek professional help before signing on the dotted line of an unfamiliar contract. Signing too quickly may result in big regrets, say managers and attorneys. Be cautious, and nail down the specifics first. …

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Law & Legislation Legal Files
2014 June Legal Files

Sometimes it’s a shady developer or a crooked contractor. Sometimes it’s the unit owner you just can’t get rid of. There are times when it’s actually nobody’s fault and just the Byzantine nature of some state or federal laws, but the lawsu…

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Law & Legislation The Art of Picking Professionals
2014 June The Art of Picking Professionals

Running the day-to-day business of a condo development or an HOA of any size—be it a sprawling, multi-building community, or a single self-contained building—requires not just a functional board but a team of competent outside professional…

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Board Operations Monster Meetings
2014 June Monster Meetings

The headline of a recent Walpole, Massachusetts newspaper article reads: “Fight between Walpole selectmen cuts meeting short.” The first sentence of the article stated, “Selectmen came to verbal blows on Tuesday night, prompting other boar…

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Board Operations The Insurance Information Institute
2014 June The Insurance Information Institute

It goes without saying that individuals and associations alike need to be properly covered by insurance; that’s just common sense. But the wide variety of choices can make obtaining that coverage a daunting process. To help boards and HOAs…

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Q&A Q&A: Where There’s Smoke … There’s Fire?
2014 June Q&A: Where There’s Smoke … There’s Fire?

Where There’s Smoke … There’s Fire? Q I live above a daily cigar smoker, and particularly in the warmer months I like to leave my windows and balcony door open. I’ve complained several times to the board and management that the smok…

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