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Board Operations "You're Fired"
2008 Oct "You're Fired"

Although rare, there are instances where a community association has to dismiss its manager — like a recent case in Florida where the manager admitted to writing himself checks from his condominium to the tune of over $40,000. Condo…

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Board Operations Avoiding Burnout
2008 Oct Avoiding Burnout

With only so many hours in the day, balancing the demands of work, family and outside obligations can become a struggle for anyone, and community association board members are no different. They volunteer countless hours guiding their …

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Board Operations Gone South
2007 Dec Gone South

If they haven't left already, the remaining "snowbirds" will shortly depart for their warm and snug Sunbelt condominiums. Left behind will be scowling residents scraping ice off their windshields and shorthanded association boards — many…

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Board Operations Domestic Terrorists
Domestic Terrorists

New York City and its surrounding boroughs have always been known for its robust population of vermin—rats and cockroaches have been part and parcel of city life ever since the Dutch settled here and founded New Amsterdam. While roach and r…

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