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Energy Conservation Multifamily Energy Savings Solutions
2020 November Multifamily Energy Savings Solutions

In Part 1 of “Multifamily Energy Savings Solutions,” we introduced some relatively simple products and processes that individual owners or shareholders can adopt to reduce energy consumption and emissions and to save on their energy costs. …

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Energy Conservation A Change in the Air
2020 September A Change in the Air

While pockets of disagreement still linger in some quarters, climate change—and the science explaining it—is very real. And while fluctuations in seasonal weather are normal, the general trend toward a hotter planet is clear, evidenced by m…

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Energy Conservation Multifamily Energy Saving Solutions
2020 September Multifamily Energy Saving Solutions

Whether you reside in, manage, or serve on the board of a condo, co-op, or HOA, examining your building’s energy efficiency from top to bottom, inside and out, will have enormous implications for individual and communal costs, energy conser…

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Energy Conservation Silencing Leaks
2018 September Silencing Leaks

Plumbing is a minor miracle: clean water, on demand, and at the temperature one chooses in his or her apartment. What would have been the height of luxury just a couple of generations ago is now considered a bare necessity. Miraculous as it…

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Energy Conservation Solar Energy Today
2018 September Solar Energy Today

Energy costs are a major component in any housing environment, and one of the main areas where boards and managers look at to optimize efficiency and save money. One already popular — and growing — alternative to fossil fuels is solar energ…

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Energy Conservation The Recyclists
2018 September The Recyclists

When it comes to how co-op and condo communities navigate the race to address climate change, a goal like switching to 100 percent renewable energy may seem too tall an order. On the other hand, simply recycling household glass, paper, and …

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Energy Conservation Green Cleaning
2017 September Green Cleaning

Cleaning products should, ideally, have one primary function: to make things less dirty. But once one delves deeper into the overall goal, things get more complicated. What makes something really clean? Does it just look shinier? Smell bett…

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