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Law & Legislation Cable Ruling Opens up Competition
2008 June Cable Ruling Opens up Competition

In a far-reaching ruling that affects condominiums across the country, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently banned exclusive contracts between cable TV providers and multi-family dwellings. The ban, which went into effect…

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Law & Legislation Talking Trash
2008 June Talking Trash

They pay the same property taxes, and pull electricity from the same wires; their residents go to the same schools and libraries, and vote for the same municipal officials. Yet there is one marked difference between many condominiums and…

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Law & Legislation Keeping on Their Toes
2008 June Keeping on Their Toes

If a unit owner has trouble making mortgage payments, can non-payment of condo fees be far behind? In what feels almost like a “tough love” scenario, experts are encouraging condo boards to be proactive about collecting late fees, even t…

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Law & Legislation Foreclosure Sales Clarified
2007 Dec Foreclosure Sales Clarified

A hallmark of community associations is their ability to enforce nonpayment of assessments by resorting to the remedy of foreclosure - long recognized in the law as a forfeiture of property. Over time, courts and legislatures have strugg…

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