2008 Jan
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Don't Panic
2008 Jan Don't Panic

Pay no attention to the talking heads. The national media may be focusing on subprime mortgage scandals and far-flung neighborhoods teeming with foreclosures, but in Eastern Massachusetts, at least, the inventory of unsold properties has…

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Passing Inspection
2008 Jan Passing Inspection

You're ready to sell your condo, and you're a little worried about that mold problem in the bathroom or the noisy pipes or the water stain under the bedroom window. Anyone seriously shopping for your unit will hire a home inspector to ch…

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To Sell ot Not to Sell?
2008 Jan To Sell ot Not to Sell?

Only a few years ago, the real estate market was so hot that condominiums were selling in days and the asking price was just the opening bid. In many cases you could get more than your asking price due to the demand for housing and the a…

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Breathing Room
2008 Jan Breathing Room

With oil prices soaring and talk about "going green" on everyone's lips these days, homeowners and developers alike are making an effort to button up homes to keep warm air in and cold air out. But those efforts to increase comfort …

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Going it Alone
2008 Jan Going it Alone

Many condominium owners selling their homes in today's market are caught between a rock and a hard place. They may have purchased their home a few years ago, when prices were at their peak. Now if they have to sell, they are facing downw…

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Safe at Home
2008 Jan Safe at Home

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, we naturally begin spending more time indoors. We get caught up on housework, enjoy spending time cooking, sitting in front of a good fire, or perhaps just enjoying the flickering glow …

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Crying Wolf
2008 Jan Crying Wolf

One of a management company's most important responsibilities is to be there when something goes wrong — but that doesn't necessarily mean that a building or association manager needs to be on-the-spot for every minor mishap. Sometimes t…

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The Back Bay
2008 Jan The Back Bay

Perusing the trendy shops and restaurants along Newbury Street, or taking in the famed architecture along the Charles River, it is hard to imagine that Back Bay, arguably Boston's most prestigious and affluent neighborhood, was built on …

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