2011 Feb
Focus on... Board/Owner Relations

New England Condo Expo to Feature Free Seminars
2011 Feb New England Condo Expo to Feature Free Seminars

 The planning of free seminars for property managers, trustees, and unit owners  is picking up pace as New England Condominium’s 2011 Expo draws closer.    Held on Tuesday, May 24, at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, the fr…

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Owner Relations Friend or Foe?
2011 Feb Friend or Foe?

Being elected to the condo board inserts a divisive quality into one’s relationship with their neighbors. While still a unit owner, subject to the same rules, regulations and responsibilities, a board member has made a commitment to the…

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Owner Relations How To Get Heard
2011 Feb How To Get Heard

 As a condo owner, you’ve got a gripe. Whether it’s about Mrs. Smith’s poodle who barks all day or the neighbor’s teenaged son who blasts his Guns N’ Roses music when his parents aren’t home, you just want someone to listen and, of course,…

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Owner Relations Handling Home-Based Businesses
2011 Feb Handling Home-Based Businesses

 As the lingering effects of the “Great Recession” continue to influence the lives of countless average Americans, more and more  displaced workers are turning to home-based businesses (HBBs) in an attempt to  reverse sagging fortunes.   …

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Owner Relations Getting Out The Vote
2011 Feb Getting Out The Vote

 While the election format in a condominium community is pretty much the same as  for any other club or organization, property managers and board members are  looking to make the process easier and increase unit owner participation. Unit  …

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Owner Relations Pets Allowed!
2011 Feb Pets Allowed!

 When Marjorie Kehe moved from New York to Boston in 2003, she brought a  roommate: her black border-collie mix, Sheba. While no stranger to urban  living, Kehe was taken aback at how few Massachusetts landlords would even  consider the 25…

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Owner Relations Somerville, Massachusetts
2011 Feb Somerville, Massachusetts

 Vibrant and bustling, Somerville has everything city dwellers love, want or need  within walking distance of their own front doors. But with friendly neighborhoods and a strong  sense of community pride, it’s as welcoming as any small tow…

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Q&A: How to Handle Sleep-All-Day, Party_all-Night owners?
2011 Feb Q&A: How to Handle Sleep-All-Day, Party_all-Night owners?

Q “We have an owner in one of our units (these are condos) that always has excessive noise. A new older couple just moved into the unit behind them and has not had a peaceful night’s sleep since moving in. Last night around 3 a.m., the …

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Q&A: Can Condo Treasurer Be Fired Without Due Cause?
2011 Feb Q&A: Can Condo Treasurer Be Fired Without Due Cause?

Q “Do the individual condo association board members and president have the legal  right to remove a treasurer from his or her duties without due cause and deny a  chance for rebuttal?”    — Breaking Up is Hard to Do A “The…

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