2013 January
Focus on... Management

Management Do It Yourself
2013 January Do It Yourself

 Small and medium size community associations have many choices when they  consider how to manage the day-to-day operations of their properties. Do they  keep fees as low as possible and save money by being self-managed? Or find a  way to …

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Management May I Help You?
2013 January May I Help You?

 For most people, there simply are not enough hours in the day to do everything  that needs to be done. We rush to pick the kids up from school, make it to that  impromptu work meeting that just got called or even find the time to grab som…

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Management A Management Checklist
2013 January A Management Checklist

 How can you tell whether the on-site property manager at a condominium or  homeowners association community is doing a good job? And what is “a good job”? Whether a manager is well-liked and whether he or she manages well may not be  the …

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Management Striving to be the Best
2013 January Striving to be the Best

 As the economy continues its slow recovery from the struggles of the recession,  companies are faced with the all-important task of reexamining services and  respective best practices. One reason for this exercise is the fierce  competiti…

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Board Operations Limits of Board Power
2013 January Limits of Board Power

 Everybody sometimes disagrees with the decisions of the condo or HOA board.  Maybe the choice to rearrange the garbage receptacles out front seems  ridiculous, or the ongoing clattering of machinery on the roof is driving the  top-floor r…

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Management Opening the Door
2013 January Opening the Door

 It’s Murphy’s Law that when a homeowner is on vacation or away for the day, the unexpected  happens. A pipe bursts and water starts dripping through the ceiling of the  unit below. It’s essential that the management firm gets into the uni…

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Neighborhoods Concord, New Hampshire
2013 January Concord, New Hampshire

 Situated in south central New Hampshire, Concord is one of America’s smallest state capitals. The compact city in the Granite State boasts a wide  range of architectural styles from commercial brick architecture with elaborate  cornices t…

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QA&: Cluttered Condo Unit?
2013 January QA&: Cluttered Condo Unit?

ouse level which has six apartments and a lobby level with nine  apartments. As I was walking by my neighbor’s apartment, the door opened and I noticed an abundance of folders, newspapers  and both women's and men's clothing scattered acros…

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