2014 May
Focus on... Recreational Amenities & Community Programs

Community Building Going Green to Save Green
2014 May Going Green to Save Green

These days, it seems like everybody is looking to 'go green.' The term is shorthand for a movement of environmental awareness that involves everything from the way architects design new buildings and homes to the ways HOAs recycle their wa…

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Community Building From Sand Lots to Play Dates
2014 May From Sand Lots to Play Dates

For condominium communities with families, an outdoor area that includes a playground with swings, slides and other features can be a major amenity. Many parents have fond memories of their own childhoods, with hours spent testing physical…

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Community Building Pets, Pools & Pilates
2014 May Pets, Pools & Pilates

Years ago, when you bought a co-op or condo apartment, you looked for a unit that had the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a perfectly-sized kitchen, and some great living space. For the longest time, that ideal combination was all …

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Management Multifamily Laundry Options
2014 May Multifamily Laundry Options

Ask people to list the chores they dislike most, and doing laundry consistently ranks among the top ten. The need and appreciation for clean clothes gets overshadowed by the inconvenience of constantly having to wash and dry them. So…

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Law & Legislation Front of the Line
2014 May Front of the Line

Given the fact that 20 percent of the country lives in community or “common interest” associations, it’s no surprise that a groundswell of support—and legislative action—has evolved to protect their financial security. A variety of l…

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Management Back to School
2014 May Back to School

With multifamily buildings, who is in charge of the property and how well those people are trained are critically important factors in the successful operation of the community. Board members are a part of this management class, which is o…

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Board Operations Meeting Minders
2014 May Meeting Minders

You may love your condo community. You may even love your neighbors and the members of your board of trustees. But there are few people who can say that they love their monthly board meetings or annual condo owner meetings. That’s because …

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Real Estate Trends The Door is Open
2014 May The Door is Open

In this digital age, more and more homebuyers are discovering their dream homes simply with a click of a mouse. But regardless of a person’s first impressions, eventually seeing the house in person will be the final sell—and that’s where a…

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There’s So Much to Learn
2014 May There’s So Much to Learn

The world of community association living is constantly changing, as new technologies, new laws, and new ideas arrive on the scene. Whether you’re a homeowner, a board member, or a community association professional, you know it’s importan…

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Design Design for All
2014 May Design for All

Of all the responsibilities that come with being a board member or manager of a residential building, few are as important as ensuring the safety of your residents. Making and clearly communicating emergency plans, marking entrance/egress …

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Law & Legislation Converting Your Rental Income Property
2014 May Converting Your Rental Income Property

A new generation of young professionals is looking for a means to enter the housing market. Condominiums are an attractive price point and form of ownership for such new generation. To meet this demand, owners of rental housing are, in inc…

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Q&A: Random Fees on Financial Statements
2014 May Q&A: Random Fees on Financial Statements

Q I was wondering if you had any information about whether a co-op management company is required by law to answer questions about random fees appearing on a monthly statement. I've been struggling for 6 months with my management company …

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Point /  Counterpoint
2014 May Point / Counterpoint

Should associations fully fund reserve accounts today for anticipated future capital expenditures? Like all things in life, condominium operations encompass many shades of grey. The questions that readers send to New England Condominiu…

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