2007 May
Focus on... Technology

Taking Care of Building Business
2007 May Taking Care of Building Business

Consider the developer who has decided to tackle the conversion of a historic property into a condominium. Perhaps the property previously served as a church, a school, a factory, or a manufacturing facility, and now the developer i…

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Connect to Communicate
2007 May Connect to Communicate

In today's world, it seems that everywhere you look someone is walking around with the latest gadget in hand, be it a BlackBerry or iPod, to make them "more connected." I am guilty of the practice myself, particularly with my latest purc…

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Condos Glad to Be in Hot Water
2007 May Condos Glad to Be in Hot Water

Hundreds of condominium units heated and cooled by geothermal power have recently hit the market in New England, heralding the wholesale arrival of the "green" alternative energy system in this area. A Case in Point Most prominen…

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Fit for Life
2007 May Fit for Life

The weather is warming and as the temperatures moderate, New England residents everywhere are finally venturing outdoors again. After a winter that many people elect to spend indoors and largely on the couch, the urge to get physical aga…

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Strength in Numbers
2007 May Strength in Numbers

Condominiums that pay their full share of taxes but get shortchanged in municipal services like garbage pickup and snowplowing are an old story. So, too, are a lack of interest in local politics and a feeling of general dis-empowerment b…

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Not Enough Space!
2007 May Not Enough Space!

It's a fact: Americans love their cars. American cars, just like American pets, are often cast as pampered members of the family, ensconced in attached garages that adjoin the living space set aside for humans. Americans often feel …

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When the Right Answer Is Never Right
2007 May When the Right Answer Is Never Right

Once upon a time there was a king who was faced with deciding the fate of one of his peasants. The king called the peasant to his court, and said to the kneeling, shackled peasant, "Your life is in my hands. I can pardon you and grant yo…

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What Is Water Damage?
2007 May What Is Water Damage?

Water, if not removed properly and quickly, causes increasingly more damage during every hour it sits. Left untreated, water damage will ultimately result in mold growth. Water can damage any kind of structure, from sixth-floor apartment…

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