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Insurance Water, Water Everywhere
2014 August Water, Water Everywhere

Flood” might as well be synonymous with “dread.” Or “mess.” Or “insurance hassle.” Think back to the devastating footage after Hurricane Sandy, and you may have a number of questions about flood zones and flood insurance. Knowing the…

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Insurance Contractor Coverage & Liability
2013 August Contractor Coverage & Liability

All professional contractors and service providers are required by law to carry insurance to cover their activities. Any condo building should also carry its own insurance to cover accidents or other incidents on the property—this could…

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Insurance Insuring Honesty and Integrity
2013 August Insuring Honesty and Integrity

When you decide to run for a board, you’re usually thinking about all the great changes you’re going to make to your building community, along with all the time and effort that you’re prepared to sacrifice for the good of your home. …

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Insurance Home Sweet Homeowner's Insurance
2012 August Home Sweet Homeowner's Insurance

 I think there’s this mindset when they buy a condo that they’re not responsible for anything,” says Robert Masse of W.T. Phelan Insurance. As a quarter-century veteran of condo insurance, the Arlington,  Massachusetts-based Masse has ofte…

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Insurance Mind the Gap
2012 August Mind the Gap

 Too often, association boards—and condo residents—discover serious coverage gaps in their insurance policies in the face of a  claim. And often, the gap occurs when neither group wants to pay a high  deductible.    In recent years,…

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Insurance Insurance Fraud!
2012 August Insurance Fraud!

 When fraud is discovered in the context of community associations, or any  non-profit, it usually takes shape as embezzlement over many years by a trusted  member or employee. Insurance companies that defend non-profit clients from  fraud…

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Insurance The Insurance Puzzle
2012 April The Insurance Puzzle

 Insurance sounds like a simple concept: you pay a premium to your insurer, and  then when you file a claim, your insurer pays you. Simple. Insuring a  condominium or association property shouldn’t be much different than insuring yourself—…

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Insurance Value Engineering
2011 August Value Engineering

 During the 1940s, Willie Sutton developed a lucrative niche of robbing banks.  During his unapproved withdrawals, he sometimes made use of ingenious  disguises. Those were the days when grand larceny took place in a bank lobby  rather tha…

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Insurance NAMIC
2011 August NAMIC

 The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies is the largest and most  diverse national property/casualty insurance trade and political advocacy  association in the United States.    “We are a full-service trade associatio…

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