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Insurance Welcoming New Board Members
2010 August Welcoming New Board Members

Dear current board members and management team, As a newly seated board member I wanted to let you know that I am a little unclear as to what my role and specific responsibilities involve. Having never served on a condo board I …

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Insurance Are You Seeing The Full Picture?
2010 August Are You Seeing The Full Picture?

With news of foreclosures raging about them and common fee delinquencies on the rise across the nation, condominium boards are taking a long, hard look at association expenses. But, professionals caution, boards should be wary about ta…

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Insurance Are They Covered?
2010 August Are They Covered?

Mistakes can happen. It’s a simple fact of life and a simple fact of doing business. That’s why issues of insurance are so important for condominium managers and boards. While it is easy enough to keep up to date on one’s own insurance, …

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Insurance Household Hazards!
2010 August Household Hazards!

Mold – it’s an ugly four-letter word in more ways than one. Nobody wants to think about the fact that this fungus can be found anywhere where water leaks or drainage problems are present. Mold can cause serious damage to a condominium, …

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Insurance Not High and Dry
2010 August Not High and Dry

In April, Massachusetts officials estimated it would take $38 million to repair the damage to infrastructure caused by the deluge, and tens of thousands of residents across the region applied for disaster relief from the Federal Emerge…

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Insurance Provincetown Massachusetts
2009 August Provincetown Massachusetts

Pop quiz: Where did the Pilgrims first land in America? Plymouth, you say? No, actually –Plymouth may have the rock, but Provincetown, Massachusetts, is actually where the Mayflower first dropped anchor. In fact, Provincetown is the…

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Insurance Missing Money
2009 August Missing Money

 With the economy in the throes of the worst financial crisis in decades, it’s no wonder that the world’s second oldest profession – thievery – is on the rise. The nefarious Bernie Madoff and others of his ilk have highlighted the  vulnera…

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Insurance Injured on the Job
2009 August Injured on the Job

 The roof of your condominium survived relatively unscathed through yet another  New England winter (OK, there was that one leak), but the condominium board has  unanimously agreed that it's time to reshingle.    You’ve taken bids a…

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Insurance Riding Out the Storm
2009 August Riding Out the Storm

 As homeowner insurance costs continue to escalate in the coastal regions of New England, it has become harder to successfully wade through the morass of deductibles and  policy lingo on storm insurance coverage. But with a little knowledg…

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