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Insurance Value Engineering
2011 August Value Engineering

 During the 1940s, Willie Sutton developed a lucrative niche of robbing banks.  During his unapproved withdrawals, he sometimes made use of ingenious  disguises. Those were the days when grand larceny took place in a bank lobby  rather tha…

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Insurance NAMIC
2011 August NAMIC

 The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies is the largest and most  diverse national property/casualty insurance trade and political advocacy  association in the United States.    “We are a full-service trade associatio…

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Insurance Getting the Facts
2011 August Getting the Facts

 Congratulations. You have been chosen to help lead your community on a small  governing body that will determine the major policy decisions affecting  everyone who lives in your community. From finances to rules enforcement to  selection …

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Insurance On Your Side
2011 August On Your Side

 Imagine the panic that sets in when a home is lost or damaged. Now imagine  navigating through that fear alone. Whether it’s fire or flooding or the violent effects of a storm, anything that damages or  destroys a home will have a lasting…

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Insurance Protecting Your Valuable Amenities
2011 August Protecting Your Valuable Amenities

 Most homeowners love the idea of having a swimming pool, athletic court or  health club as part of their association's grounds because it adds value to  their property and it gives them something fun to do throughout the year. But  HOAs t…

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Insurance Not Your Grandfather's Policy
2011 August Not Your Grandfather's Policy

 Recent developments, both legislative and environmental, have led to  considerable changes in the New England insurance marketplace. And such  changes, as managers know, often lead to added paperwork, confusing  requirements, and tricky l…

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Insurance The Sky is Falling!
2011 August The Sky is Falling!

 New Englanders got a taste recently of Mother Nature’s wrath when a series of tornadoes touched down in Springfield, Massachusetts  and surrounding areas, leaving devastation and death in their wake.    While devastating tornadoes …

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Insurance An Ounce of Protection
2011 August An Ounce of Protection

 It sits quietly in your condo association’s insurance package, unremarkable next to the fire, flood and other forms of  mayhem that make insurance policies necessary fixtures in association budgets.    Looking at the file labeled “…

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Insurance Q&A: Can Condo Control Stuck Garage Door?
2010 August Q&A: Can Condo Control Stuck Garage Door?

Q My condo association wants to make it a rule that all garage doors must be closed at all times and cars cannot be left in the driveway. My garage door does not close or open properly in the winter time so I am forced to leave it open…

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Insurance Variety is Spice of Life in Oak Bluffs
2010 August Variety is Spice of Life in Oak Bluffs

At the second of two northern tips of the mostly triangular island of Martha’s Vineyard perches the town of Oak Bluffs. It is one of the smallest communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but it packs a powerful personality. The …

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