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Board Operations What Makes Them Tick?
2009 Oct What Makes Them Tick?

 Since the board of a community association is usually composed of a collective group of unique individuals with their own  perspective and opinions, no two boards are ever the same. However, there are  certain overall, universal qualities…

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Board Operations Rental Remedies
2009 Oct Rental Remedies

Chris D’Errico has handled about 1,000 residential rentals in the Boston area since  2003. These days, more and more of his calls are from condominium owners.  Unable to find buyers for their homes, they’re turning to renting them. “It’s up…

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Board Operations Pressure & Perks
2009 Oct Pressure & Perks

 The drawbacks of serving on a board are well known. For one thing, it’s a lot of work. Hours of work, of poring over spreadsheets, of talking to  property managers and vendors and residents and tenants when you could be  watching the big …

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Law & Legislation A Shot in the Arm
2009 June A Shot in the Arm

 Fresh from hoisting up the banking and automobile sectors, a newly muscular  Uncle Sam is now turning his attention to putting the skids on the real estate  meltdown. The Obama Administration earlier this year rolled out two major  housin…

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Law & Legislation Resident Vs. Board
2009 June Resident Vs. Board

Jack has heard talk that the board has voted to continue a contract with the poorly-run lawn care company the association has contracted with for years. Rumor has it that damage was done to a window by a careless worker and a complaint h…

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Law & Legislation 2009 Legislative Update
2009 June 2009 Legislative Update

While only a few states guarantee a “right-to-dry,” at the time of this writing, proposed legislation aimed to remove bans on clotheslines within condominium associations appears on several statehouse docket lists in New England. Arguments…

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Law & Legislation Admittance Denied
2009 June Admittance Denied

For many prospective co-op shareholders, finding the living space of their dreams is only half the goal. The other half involves making the cut before the co-op’s admittance committee, meeting all of the seemingly mysterious criteria th…

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