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Owner Relations A Matter of Trust
2010 Feb A Matter of Trust

 Few things can be as upsetting as discovering that the dollars and cents that fuel a community association have  been mishandled or worse yet, stolen.    For residents, fraud undermines their sense of trust in the men and women who…

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Owner Relations Overdue Overhaul
2010 Feb Overdue Overhaul

On July 1, 2010, a variety of sweeping changes to Connecticut’s Common Interest Ownership Act will take effect, and associations throughout the state will need to change the way they approach building management. “It’s the biggest change…

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Owner Relations On and Off the Record
2010 Feb On and Off the Record

To disclose or not to disclose? That is the question community association boards wrestle with on a regular basis. If homeowners want to see the association’s financial records, should the books be open to them? What about a list of owne…

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Owner Relations Civilian Again
2010 Feb Civilian Again

For board members, the time spent serving their association and fellow residents can be among the most strenuous yet rewarding periods in their lives. For years, they make decisions that affect their community in the present and may co…

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Owner Relations Anger Management
2010 Feb Anger Management

For most people, “foaming at the mouth” is just an expression. Attorney Ellen Hirsch de Haan has encountered the real thing – and not at an animal shelter, but at a condominium owners’ meeting. A former president who recently h…

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Board Operations Q&A: Motorcycles Not Welcome
2009 Oct Q&A: Motorcycles Not Welcome

Q I live in a medium-sized HOA in Connecticut and we have a long-standing dispute in our community which I am hoping you can help resolve. First, our documents define the “condominium” as being composed of “the buildings, grounds …

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Board Operations Legal Briefs
2009 Oct Legal Briefs

 Although there seems to be no shortage of talking heads touting the beginning of  the end of the economic decline, associations (like the average consumer) are still struggling to do more with less.    It just so happens that servi…

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Board Operations Financial Issues
2009 Oct Financial Issues

New lending guidelines from HUD mean that FHA loan requirements will be significantly tightened for condominium sales. The new requirements could have a profoundly negative effect on the ability to sell or buy a condominium unit that…

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Board Operations What Makes Them Tick?
2009 Oct What Makes Them Tick?

 Since the board of a community association is usually composed of a collective group of unique individuals with their own  perspective and opinions, no two boards are ever the same. However, there are  certain overall, universal qualities…

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Board Operations Rental Remedies
2009 Oct Rental Remedies

Chris D’Errico has handled about 1,000 residential rentals in the Boston area since  2003. These days, more and more of his calls are from condominium owners.  Unable to find buyers for their homes, they’re turning to renting them. “It’s up…

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