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Law & Legislation Conservation on the Line
2008 June Conservation on the Line

From Connecticut to California, homeowners—including condominium-dwellers—are looking for ways to cut energy expenses. And, increasingly, their attention has focused on an appliance recognized as an energy hog: the clothes dryer. Th…

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Law & Legislation Cable Ruling Opens up Competition
2008 June Cable Ruling Opens up Competition

In a far-reaching ruling that affects condominiums across the country, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently banned exclusive contracts between cable TV providers and multi-family dwellings. The ban, which went into effect…

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Law & Legislation Talking Trash
2008 June Talking Trash

They pay the same property taxes, and pull electricity from the same wires; their residents go to the same schools and libraries, and vote for the same municipal officials. Yet there is one marked difference between many condominiums and…

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Law & Legislation Keeping on Their Toes
2008 June Keeping on Their Toes

If a unit owner has trouble making mortgage payments, can non-payment of condo fees be far behind? In what feels almost like a “tough love” scenario, experts are encouraging condo boards to be proactive about collecting late fees, even t…

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Owner Relations Living in a Landmark
2008 Feb Living in a Landmark

In a city known for its culture, colleges and universities, and above all, its historic role in the formation of our country, Boston contains an unusually high number of landmarked buildings. Many of these buildings are residential, and whi…

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Owner Relations Brookline Massachusetts
2008 Feb Brookline Massachusetts

Nestled within the fold of Boston but fiercely claiming its independence for over 300 years lies Brookline, Massachusetts. This small portion of Norfolk County is as steeped in history as its populous (and popular) metropolitan neighbor, bu…

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Owner Relations Pleased to Meet You!
2008 Feb Pleased to Meet You!

Thirty-seven years ago when Mary Ann Parker moved to Heritage Village in Southbury, Connecticut, she bought her condominium from the builder. She was a new resident, but so was everyone else. It was, she describes, an entirely new situat…

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Owner Relations Open Lines
2008 Feb Open Lines

Nobody knows who said it, but it speaks volumes: "If we don't take care of our customers, someone else will." Think about it this way—we just passed the holiday season. When you were in the store doing your holiday shopping and no one was a…

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Owner Relations Keep It Civilized
2008 Feb Keep It Civilized

In a community association or HOA meeting without procedural rules and organization, it's amazing how quickly a room full of adults can devolve into a room full of toddlers—everyone talking over one another and no one listening, insuring…

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Owner Relations Self-Management
2008 Feb Self-Management

It's not uncommon for condo associations in the New England area to have outside management companies handling the day-to-day business of running their buildings. Managers do everything from collecting maintenance checks to responding to…

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