2011 May
Focus on... Community Building & Amenities

Community Building Over and Under
2011 May Over and Under

These days, the over 55-community is looking a little younger. Faced with a troubled real-estate market, developers around the U.S. are taking steps to reduce age limits to 45 or, in some cases, to lift restrictions entirely. …

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Community Building Uncommon Spaces
2011 May Uncommon Spaces

Many professionals recommend a simple start for cost-conscious renovations, changing things over a period of time, and then keeping up with maintenance—a sort of rolling renovation approach for staying up to date and functional. …

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Community Building Fitting In
2011 May Fitting In

 Staying competitive in a growing condo marketplace can often mean attention to  detail. Second only to location, it is those little details—a property’s included amenities—that often sway the balance for a potential condo buyer. And as Am…

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Community Building Soaking Up Savings
2011 May Soaking Up Savings

Years ago, when residents wanted to do their laundry, they grabbed their baskets, a pocketful of quarters and perhaps a good book or their Walkman and headed downstairs to the dark, dingy laundry room. A few hours later, they would ret…

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Neighborhoods More Than Fish Tales
2011 May More Than Fish Tales

 The fish you ate for dinner was likely pulled from the icy waters off  Gloucester, Massachusetts, before it was processed in a packing plant in the  picturesque Cape Ann community.    Fishing has been central to Gloucester’s identi…

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Community Building Can We Go Green?
2011 May Can We Go Green?

 As gasoline prices rise with increasing summer demand, American thoughts focus  sharply on the cost of energy and ways to trim fat from their overall energy  budgets. Yet for the nation’s nearly sixty million condo dwellers, considering n…

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Community Building Changing Times
2011 May Changing Times

 Two important shifts in U.S. demographics are playing a role in planning the  future of condominium communities. First, the nation’s population, including that of New England, is becoming more racially and  ethnically diverse. Second, peo…

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Q&A: Roofing Dilemma
2011 May Q&A: Roofing Dilemma

Q I own an apartment in an eight-unit condo. The board is composed of all eight owners, of which there are four officers. My apartment is on the top floor, and over the past few years I have sustained over a dozen water leaks due to a…

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