2012 August
Focus on... Insurance/Board Training

Insurance Insurance Fraud!
2012 August Insurance Fraud!

 When fraud is discovered in the context of community associations, or any  non-profit, it usually takes shape as embezzlement over many years by a trusted  member or employee. Insurance companies that defend non-profit clients from  fraud…

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Insurance Mind the Gap
2012 August Mind the Gap

 Too often, association boards—and condo residents—discover serious coverage gaps in their insurance policies in the face of a  claim. And often, the gap occurs when neither group wants to pay a high  deductible.    In recent years,…

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Insurance Home Sweet Homeowner's Insurance
2012 August Home Sweet Homeowner's Insurance

 I think there’s this mindset when they buy a condo that they’re not responsible for anything,” says Robert Masse of W.T. Phelan Insurance. As a quarter-century veteran of condo insurance, the Arlington,  Massachusetts-based Masse has ofte…

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Management Managing In-Unit Amenities
2012 August Managing In-Unit Amenities

 In an online forum, Sharon complains about her upstairs neighbor and begs for  advice. Her neighbor had installed a washing machine in her unit, even though  there was one already downstairs for the residents of her six-unit building to  …

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Board Operations The Head of the Line
2012 August The Head of the Line

 Susan Jones wants to join the board of trustees. She’s been a unit owner for a few years and really believes that she can make a  difference to the association. When it comes to co-op and condo boards, many  members join because they have…

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Maintenance Brew Your Own Juice
2012 August Brew Your Own Juice

 Blizzards. Ice Storms. Hurricanes. New Englanders are used to being buffeted by  Mother Nature. But increasingly, it seems, the impact of such storms has  lingered long after the weather front blows through, with hundreds or thousands  of…

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Maintenance The Sound and the Fury
2012 August The Sound and the Fury

 Noise is a key quality-of-life problem for almost anyone living in a  densely-packed urban environment. It’s the bane of many a condo-dweller’s existence, and over the years engineers, architects, and designers have tried  any number of w…

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Neighborhoods Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
2012 August Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

 Expect to find a sandy white beach, swimming pools, music venues, parks, bars, a  plethora of restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene and a seafood festival that  draws over 150,000 in the village district of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.…

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Organizations Concentrating on Community Association Law
2012 August Concentrating on Community Association Law

 For nearly 20 years, the Community Associations Institute (CAI) has recognized  excellence in the practice of community law through the Falls Church,  Virginia-based College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL). Of the tens of  thousan…

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Q&A: Who Do We Trust?
2012 August Q&A: Who Do We Trust?

Q We have an owner, with an interested buyer who is an inheritor in a trust, and  wishes to purchase the unit with only the name of the trust on the deed. Is  this sound policy for us to allow the deed to only show a trust’s name? What ki…

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