Category: Community Building

Community Building Fitting In
2011 May Fitting In

 Staying competitive in a growing condo marketplace can often mean attention to  detail. Second only to location, it is those little details—a property’s included amenities—that often sway the balance for a potential condo buyer. And as Am…

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Community Building Uncommon Spaces
2011 May Uncommon Spaces

Many professionals recommend a simple start for cost-conscious renovations, changing things over a period of time, and then keeping up with maintenance—a sort of rolling renovation approach for staying up to date and functional. …

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Community Building Over and Under
2011 May Over and Under

These days, the over 55-community is looking a little younger. Faced with a troubled real-estate market, developers around the U.S. are taking steps to reduce age limits to 45 or, in some cases, to lift restrictions entirely. …

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Community Building Enriching Brew
2010 May Enriching Brew

Use Salem, Massachusetts, in a word-association assessment, and you’d undoubtedly get a word referencing the infamous Witch Trials of 1692. Less famous but even more formative is the rich maritime history that contributed to the buildin…

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Community Building Season Openers
2010 May Season Openers

It’s a simple equation: Warm days plus more hours of sunshine equals an influx of residents to the community’s outdoor amenities. Suddenly, swarms of children appear at the playground, out-of-practice tennis players are getting in the s…

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Community Building Hanging Tough
2010 May Hanging Tough

For community associations facing a world of economic uncertainty, the old notion of “strength in numbers” has never felt more relevant. Because when it comes to tough problems, the associations that are able to work together and sacrif…

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Community Building Secrets of Successful Committees
2010 May Secrets of Successful Committees

Being on a committee is no easy task. In fact, it can be downright frustrating. A three-month commitment can stretch into six months; meetings can go on forever; committee members may drift off topic; and precious, limited time can be …

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Community Building It Takes a Village
2010 May It Takes a Village

There’s both a batch of homemade beer and a vat of homemade sauerkraut aging in the boiler room of Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm in Peterborough, New Hampshire – and it’s not even close to Oktoberfest. The maple trees were tapped months a…

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Community Building Ready, Set, Renovate
2010 May Ready, Set, Renovate

 Worn-out or damaged common areas in community associations can hurt overall  property values and send the wrong message. Of course, a newly-refurbished grand entrance and beautiful common areas that  give owners bragging rights are univer…

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