2012 May
Focus on... Recreational Amenities & Community Building

The 2012 New England Condo Expo
2012 May The 2012 New England Condo Expo

 Now in its fourth year, the New England Condo Expo has become the annual  must-attend event for the New England property managers, board members, real  estate professionals and unit owners. Returning to the Seaport World Trade  Center in …

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Community Building Building Community Online
2012 May Building Community Online

 It’s hard to imagine how quickly technology has evolved during our lifetimes, and  much of that change is a result of how much closer we’ve become—virtually, that is. Whether it’s finding cheap plane tickets, or a restaurant for a Saturda…

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Community Building Equal Access
2012 May Equal Access

For some New Englanders, planning daily errands and activities can be as tricky as mountaineering. These folks live with disabilities, are elderly, or have had their mobility compromised by illness or injury—even temporarily. For them, …

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Community Building Space, the Final Frontier
2012 May Space, the Final Frontier

This is about the easiest decision—the closest thing to a no-brainer—a board of trustees will ever need to consider: what to do with vacant space. Install storage lockers. If you already have storage lockers, install more stora…

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Community Building Attractive Perks
2012 May Attractive Perks

 What drives a prospective homeowner to purchase a condominium unit often depends  on a host of variables. In this slowly rebounding economy, every dollar spent  is scrutinized, and associated values must be transparent. For some, location…

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Real Estate Trends Park It
2012 May Park It

 There’s nothing worse than circling the block over and over in search of a parking  space. When condo owners have a spot to call their own, it’s a luxury that can be considered priceless—especially in the harsh New England winters, when s…

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Management Dealing with Delinquent Owners
2012 May Dealing with Delinquent Owners

 By and large, a board and management company can expect payment from residents  for monthly fees to be received on time and in full. These all-important funds  keep day-to-day operations moving forward without delay. There are situations,…

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Management Calling the Shots
2012 May Calling the Shots

 Every property manager and association board has to deal with employees. Whether the staff is a handful of part-time workers or a more extensive  workforce, employee management is essential to a happy, productive building.    Let’s…

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Real Estate Trends Like Money in the Bank
2012 May Like Money in the Bank

 On a rainy day a few years ago in front of the Massachusetts State House, plenty  of viewers watching Fox News on TV got a good chuckle, along with the Fox news  reporter covering Beacon Hill that day. On the sweeping grassy slope behind …

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Neighborhoods Burlington, Vermont
2012 May Burlington, Vermont

 In the 2005 film, “Thank You for Smoking,” William H. Macy portrays a Birkenstock wearing, cheddar cheese-eating, granola  crunching, Volvo-driving environmentalist Democratic Senator from Vermont,  whose desk is overflowing with maple sy…

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Q&A: Legal or Illegal?
2012 May Q&A: Legal or Illegal?

Q A friend of mine is the president of a condo in Waltham, MA. She had been  working for the superintendent as a secretary when the super started his own  business, which is on the condo premises. Although it’s just office work, my friend…

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Q&A: Lost in the Translation
2012 May Q&A: Lost in the Translation

Q Our association holds monthly meetings on the same time, day and location every  month. Notices are posted in the elevators and common areas one week in  advance, yet no one attends. If binding votes are required to be in the  presence …

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