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Community Building Worcester, Massachusetts
2014 August Worcester, Massachusetts

A vibrant and progressive community, Worcester is the second largest city in New England after Boston. A five-time recipient of the All-America City Award, Worcester offers its residents the resources and exciting attractions of a metropol…

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Neighborhoods Connecticut’s Capital City: Hartford
2014 July Connecticut’s Capital City: Hartford

Hartford, Connecticut’s fourth largest city, behind Bridgeport, New Haven and Stamford, is perhaps best known for the number of insurance companies housed there, but it was also the home of Samuel L. Clemens, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and The…

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Real Estate Trends The Door is Open
2014 May The Door is Open

In this digital age, more and more homebuyers are discovering their dream homes simply with a click of a mouse. But regardless of a person’s first impressions, eventually seeing the house in person will be the final sell—and that’s where a…

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Community Building Pets, Pools & Pilates
2014 May Pets, Pools & Pilates

Years ago, when you bought a co-op or condo apartment, you looked for a unit that had the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a perfectly-sized kitchen, and some great living space. For the longest time, that ideal combination was all …

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Community Building From Sand Lots to Play Dates
2014 May From Sand Lots to Play Dates

For condominium communities with families, an outdoor area that includes a playground with swings, slides and other features can be a major amenity. Many parents have fond memories of their own childhoods, with hours spent testing physical…

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Community Building Going Green to Save Green
2014 May Going Green to Save Green

These days, it seems like everybody is looking to 'go green.' The term is shorthand for a movement of environmental awareness that involves everything from the way architects design new buildings and homes to the ways HOAs recycle their wa…

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Real Estate Trends To Market, To Market
2014 March To Market, To Market

Local real estate professionals contend that the market for condominiums is on a slow and, generally steady, uptick all over New England, but the place to sell a condo right now is definitely Boston, with an inventory that cannot meet dema…

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Real Estate Trends What’s in the Cards for 2014?
2014 January What’s in the Cards for 2014?

The past several years have been a challenge for community associations trying to keep properties looking sharp and running smoothly while battling the forces of a shaky economy. Foreclosures, hurricanes and the relentless effects of time …

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Neighborhoods Camden, Maine.
2013 October Camden, Maine.

Although fewer than 5,000 residents make their home here year-round, Camden, a town in Knox County, Maine, is known as a popular summer and winter resort destination visited by majestic tall ships in the summer and amateur and professional…

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Neighborhoods Branford, CT
2013 August Branford, CT

Branford, a shoreline town located on Long Island Sound in New Haven County, has the best of both worlds, proximity to the ocean and the mountainous ridges of Central Connecticut. Once renowned as a summer resort community where the we…

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