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Real Estate Trends Living Social
2013 July Living Social

 Social activities offer an opportunity to improve relationships within the  community and add a far more convivial atmosphere to condo properties—something many prospective owners anticipate in a new location.    Sponsoring leisure…

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Real Estate Trends Butt Out?
2013 June Butt Out?

 In a movement to protect the populace from second-hand smoke, municipal  governments are coming up with increasingly-strict bans on smoking in public  places—even on streets, as evidenced in some California communities. Not surprisingly, …

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Neighborhoods New London, Connecticut
2013 May New London, Connecticut

 Known for its links to the sea and the home port of the U.S. Coast Guard  Academy, New London, Connecticut sits on the banks of the Thames River, and is  also home to two well-known colleges and some notable academicians, politicians  and…

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Real Estate Trends Condo This!
2013 May Condo This!

 For seven years, Mira Calton and her husband, Dr. Jayson Calton, owned a  floating home, one of the 165 privately-owned residences on The World, a  644-foot yacht that continuously circumnavigates the globe. Owning a home on  the yacht is…

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Community Building All is Illuminated
2013 May All is Illuminated

 Call it the Ikea-fication of America. It seems that more and more people are  getting interested in design, especially when it comes to their own home. In  decades past, household furniture and decorations didn’t vary a whole lot. Growing…

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Community Building Growing Green
2013 May Growing Green

 While it may be considered socially or politically correct to “go green” when embarking on new construction projects or updating an existing property to  include green roofs, energy-efficient lighting or electric-friendly car ports,  adop…

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Community Building The Play's the Thing
2013 May The Play's the Thing

 Back in the day when we were little kids, playgrounds largely consisted of  swing-sets, teeter-totters, some monkey bars, and maybe a metal slide or two,  along with the requisite basketball hoops and tetherball set-up.    Since th…

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Organizations The New England Nursery Association
2013 April The New England Nursery Association

 The New England Nursery Association (NENA) is dedicated to providing landscaping  and nursery professionals with high quality information and an array of  services and professional development support to keep the region growing their  bus…

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Neighborhoods Amherst, Massachusetts
2013 April Amherst, Massachusetts

 Nestled into the curves of the Connecticut River Valley, Amherst, Massachusetts,  is a study in contrasts: Rolling farmlands and a bustling retail center;  historic inns and high-rise dormitories.    First settled as a part of Hadl…

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Organizations Keeping it Cool
2013 March Keeping it Cool

 Heating and cooling systems within condominium developments are called upon to  provide safe, consistent energy to residents. The people who bring you heat,  air cooling and refrigeration know that, and want to find what works—and what do…

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