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Organizations Keeping it Cool
2013 March Keeping it Cool

 Heating and cooling systems within condominium developments are called upon to  provide safe, consistent energy to residents. The people who bring you heat,  air cooling and refrigeration know that, and want to find what works—and what do…

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Real Estate Trends Managing Diverse Communities
2013 March Managing Diverse Communities

 Aside from death and taxes, there is one other variable every person can count  on: change. For condominium managers and boards of trustees change comes in  various forms, be it a varying age gap or cultural divide. In the end, how  chang…

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Real Estate Trends Exterior Elements
2013 March Exterior Elements

 When you think landscaping, you probably don’t think of a swanky Boston co-op or condo high-rise building. After all,  landscaping is typically reserved for suburban homes where there is rolling  turf, strategically placed trees, sprawlin…

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Real Estate Trends Green by Committee
2013 March Green by Committee

 Green truly is the new black in New England. As more and more condos and HOAs  look to save money as expenses rise, more and more boards and unit owners are  exploring ways to incorporate “greening” into their building community.   …

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Neighborhoods Concord, New Hampshire
2013 January Concord, New Hampshire

 Situated in south central New Hampshire, Concord is one of America’s smallest state capitals. The compact city in the Granite State boasts a wide  range of architectural styles from commercial brick architecture with elaborate  cornices t…

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Real Estate Trends Are We Stable Yet?
2012 December Are We Stable Yet?

 It’s still all about the economy. The foreclosure avalanche seems to have slowed in  New England, but community associations continue to fight a seemingly endless  wave of financial issues as 2012 ends and 2013 looms. For this year-end  e…

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Organizations Concentrating on Community Association Law
2012 August Concentrating on Community Association Law

 For nearly 20 years, the Community Associations Institute (CAI) has recognized  excellence in the practice of community law through the Falls Church,  Virginia-based College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL). Of the tens of  thousan…

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Neighborhoods Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
2012 August Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

 Expect to find a sandy white beach, swimming pools, music venues, parks, bars, a  plethora of restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene and a seafood festival that  draws over 150,000 in the village district of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.…

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Neighborhoods New Bedford, Massachusetts
2012 July New Bedford, Massachusetts

 When you think of New Bedford, Massachusetts, several things come immediately to  mind—commercial fisheries, factory outlet stores, textile mills, and of course,  whaling.    Located in Bristol County, 51 miles south of Boston, and…

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